An Overview
Multiple functions of Indian Puppetry
Skilled Craft of Indian Puppetry
Inanimate to Animate in Indian Puppetry
Creative Process for Indian Puppetry | Making of Indian Puppets
Creative Process for making Puppet

The great Russian puppet-master Sergei Obraztsov said that the puppet theatre is just as "human" as any other type of human! Puppets are capable of executing fantastic movements, feelings and thoughts that are difficult and, at times, even impossible for live actors to portray convincingly. Inanimate objects and even the stage design itself can be animated through puppets. Flowers, balloons, the earth itself, skyscrapers, tools, furniture, weapons, and even just a beam of light are given roles. They can express feelings, thoughts and relationships, which is something only possible in puppet theatre.

|An Overview|Multiple functions of Indian Puppetry|
|Skilled Craft of Indian Puppetry |Inanimate to animate in Indian Puppertry|
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